Dave Shah
Founder & Lead Instructor
Dave founded three companies while in high school and it. was. challenging. After experiencing first hand, the lack of entrepreneurial resources at the high school level, he embarked on a mission to fill that gap in education and empower young entrepreneurs to chase after their dreams and visions now. He believes that no one should ever let someone convince them that age or inexperience will hinder their ability to create their dream idea, life, vision. Dave is currently the CEO of Wve Labs, Chairman at Wve Group and Managing Partner at Wve Ventures.
Graham  Cummings
Graham Cummings
Strategy and Ideation Instructor
Graham was one of Wve Labs first employees. Moving from Project Coordinator to Vice President of Business Development to Chief of Staff, Graham has high levels of experience with innovation theory, management strategy, and sales growth. He brings unique insight to the Wve Collective curriculum through his hands on approach to sharing the business lessons he's learned over three years.
Steven Gerry
Steven Gerry
Design and Technical Instructor
Steven's entrepreneurial journey began at age 14 when he founded of his first Non-Profit, ReCleats. From there he co-founded Desinus LLC in 2015 and later worked his way up to the Vice President of Sales at Wve Labs. Passionate about empowering entrepreneurs through sharing his own story, Steven eagerly joined the Collective team.